How To Use Stone To Create The Ultimate Feature Wall

Stone has been used through history in home design for thousands of years, and for good reason. Not only does it look amazing, but it is also an extremely practical and durable material, requiring little maintenance and holding strong for hundreds of years.

As of late, natural stone has seen a resurgence in modern home design. The strong, rustic feel of stone is used to create a sense of originality, whilst still appearing modern and luxurious. Stone walls are becoming increasingly popular as the foundation of a design, or a simple add on, and stone feature walls are appearing in a number of striking homes across the country.

What is a stone feature wall exactly?

A feature wall is simply a wall with distinct characteristics that makes it stand out against surrounding surfaces. Adding natural stone to your home will instantly create a feature wall when the surrounding walls are plasterboard.

It will become a focal point, catching the attention of those who enter the room. Stone is a particularly versatile material, and you can experiment with different patterns and depths in order to customise its appearance. Natural stone accent walls are becoming increasingly popular, with the concept being used in many new modern homes to create stunning differentiation in the architecture. Different stone types can provide varying colour tones, ranging from glistening whites to smooth, subtle greys and even rich, earthy red hues.

Often stone feature walls are constructed with natural stone veneers. Stone veneers (otherwise known as cladding) are made of real stone cut into thin, flat sheets that seamlessly fix onto your wall. This innovative design creates the appearance of a full-sized stone wall, without the extra time, cost, installation restrictions and weight of whole stone.

How to choose which natural stone veneer will suit your home best

Intentionally choose a veneer that will suit the style of your home, in order to create a complimentary wall that will appear sleek and modern, yet timeless. Style, colour and finish should all be considered in order to create the perfect accent piece.

Interior designers and architects always ensure your personality is considered first in the design of your home. This will greatly impact the style of your home. If your home has a Hamptons vibe, you should complement your muted tones with rustic sandstone from our loose walling range. On the other hand, should you have a contemporary minimalist style, you could take advantage of the clean lines native to a weaved stone design.

Determine if your stone feature wall will become a disruptive accent piece, or flow naturally with the room. A simple feature wall can subtly add depth and warmth to a plain room, or it can be used as a bold centrepiece to make a statement. This choice will influence the best type of stone veneer for your home. Opt for rugged, organic styles such as rockface stone for subtly, or consider an ashlar design for an impressive statement piece.

Light coloured stone will bring a sense of brightness and ambiance to a room, whilst darker stone will create a bold and contemporary point of difference. Be sure to consider the finish of the stone as well. Polished stone will reflect more light than a tumbled finish. Keep in mind that colour also reflects, so if you would like to create a warm atmosphere, be sure to select an earthy product like sandstone.

If you’re looking for quality stone cladding, Stone 101 are one of the most highly trusted natural stone suppliers in Melbourne. With such a large variety of stone types, colours and patterns, we’re sure to have the perfect stone veneer product to suit your home.

How to determine how much stone you will need for your wall

Using a tape measure, take the height and length of the wall you want to apply the stone cladding to. Then, multiply the height by length to determine the square footage of the wall. Getting an exact measurement of the wall will help you to know exactly how much stone will be required. Once you have your measurements, you can contact us to arrange a quote or consultation.

How long will it take to construct the stone feature wall?

The duration of the construction of your stone feature wall depends on a range of factors including:

  • The type of stone veneer you choose
  • The complexity of your design
  • The competency of your stonemason or professional installer
  • The weather

To learn more about the installation process for natural stone veneers, please contact us today.

If you require some assistance with choosing the right stone cladding for your walls in Melbourne or surrounding suburbs, our friendly team of experts are happy to help. We are well known as one of the most trusted and reliable natural stone suppliers in Melbourne. We have years of knowledge and experience in the industry, with a keen eye for detail. Contact us for any advice or assistance with the selection of your stone veneer feature wall.

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