Natural Stone Pavers

Stone 101 has a broad range of natural stone pavers to suit a variety of interior and exterior styles. Our stone pavers are created with the use of durable, high quality natural stone that is sourced from around the world.

Our collection of natural stone pavers includes Granite, Bluestone, Cobblestone, Travertine and Limestone. Our paving collections are available in a variety of textures, sizes, patterns, shapes and colours to suit any floor and home design.

To create a natural and timeless look for your home, our granite pavers are a great option. With its rough, textured surface it’s perfect for use in outdoor and pool areas, providing your backyard with an original, stylish touch of stone. With the natural speckled colours, our granite pavers are sure to add an organic, high-quality sense of style to your home.

Our bluestone pavers are another popular choice for exterior paving. The bold, darkened hues of the natural bluestone can create stunning flooring colours, accentuating your floors against their surroundings. With their high grip properties, available in pavers and coping, they are perfect for use around the pool.

Cobblestone has been used for centuries in the ancient streets of Europe, and for good reason. Not only do our cobblestone pavers provide a stunning, timeless feel to your home, but they are also made with highly durable and long-lasting stone that can stand the test of time. Their natural, rugged appearance makes them a popular choice for those looking for a paver that will perform well in high traffic areas of the home.

Travertine is another highly popular material used for stone pavers. Featuring creamy white and brown tones, it is often used for outdoor living areas to add a light, natural stone look to any flooring application such as entertaining areas and pool areas. Our travertine pavers are highly durable, requiring very little maintenance to keep them looking fresh. Consider adding an aesthetic, organic contrast to your exterior design with our travertine pavers.

For a modern, luxury stone, our limestone pavers are a fantastic choice. The limestone paving range are available in a multitude of colours and finishes, making them a highly versatile paver that can be paired with various interior and exterior colour schemes and designs. Various finishes are more suitable to certain applications, so be sure to choose one that will suit your flooring.

Browse our extensive collection of natural stone pavers to select a suitable product for your next residential or commercial construction project. If you want to know more about our stunning natural stone pavers, or are interested in discussing your flooring design with our team of professionals, please contact us today.