3D Walling & Veneers

3D Walling Stone is made from all natural stone such as limestone, volcanic stone, basalt, slate and quartzite. The range has a seamless join, where each stone panel fits into the next for a streamline installation.

All styles in our architectural veneer range come with a smooth sawn rear for easy installation.

Our unique collection of natural stone architectural veneers has been custom designed exclusively for Stone 101.

The natural finishes provide an organic but sophisticated feature to your home, landscape or commercial building project.

Stone 101 walling & veneers. The original and still the best available in the Australian Market.

Walling & Veneers

3D Stone Walling / Textured Designs / Stack Stone Veneers

Silver Travertine Basketweave

Bluestone Spring Rains

Black Sahara Weave

Travertine Basketweave Interlock

White Limestone Basketweave

Black Lava Basketweave

Travertine Tumbled 75 x 150 Brick Interlock

Travertine Tumbled 30×60 Brick Interlock

Travertine Weave 100×100

White Sahara Weave

Black Parquetry Weave

White Limestone Parquetry Weave

Bianco Blend Stack

3D Black Roughcut

3D Black Smooth

3D Black Tumbled Interlock

3D Black Rough Tumbled

3D Spanola Slate

3D White Rough Smooth mix

3D White Rough Tumbled

3D White Limestone Cubes

3D Yellow Smooth

3D Yellow Roughcut

3D White Smooth

3D White Roughcut

Bianco Weavato

Nero Weavato

Giallo Weavato

Scaled White Limestone Spalls

Sandstone Spalls

Basalt Spalls

Travertine Stackstone

Javanese Basalt Stackstone

Spanola Slate Tile

Bianco Ashlar Tumbled

Tuscano Tumbled Ashlar Stack

Tuscano Tumbled Roman Ashlar Interlock

Tuscano Tumbled Masonary Blend Interlock

Javanese Tumbled Basalt Blend Interlock

Rustica Nero Veneer

Rustica Bianco Veneer

White Triple Chisel

Black Double Chisel

Black Single Chisel

White Limestone Axe Groove

Black Basalt Axe Groove

Desert Fawn Flat Stackstone

Desert Fawn Natural Stackstone

Desert Fawn Fine Stackstone

Gunsmoke Flat Stackstone

Gunsmoke Natural Stackstone

Titan Grey Fine Stackstone

Delhi Bronze Flat Stackstone

Delhi Bronze Natural Stackstone

Delhi Bronze Fine Stackstone

Autumn Elm Stackstone

Biscuit Stackstone

Biscuit Fine Stackstone

Lava Stackstone

White Quartz Natural Stackstone

White Quartz Fine Stackstone

Corners sets Pre-mitred

Capping Stone Black

Capping Stone Brown

Corner sets interlocking