Natural Loose Pebbles

Stone 101 loose pebbles come in many colours, shapes and sizes and are available in 20kg bags, 1 ton jumbo bags for large projects or we can customise packaging to suit your needs.

Transform your space with our timeless pebbles whether indoors or out, gardens, pots, planter boxes and more.

Stone101 pebbles. The original and still the best available in the Australian Market. No pebbles are drawn from riverbeds.

Loose Pebbles

Round Pebbles / Aggregate Pebbles / Flat Pebbles Veneers

Natural Black Round Pebbles

Anvil Grey Round Pebbles

Natural Ivory Round Pebbles

Natural Tan Round Pebbles

Red Lava Round Pebbles

Black Lava Round Pebbles

Natural Green Round Pebbles

River Grey Round Pebbles

Quail Round Pebbles

Black Aggregate Pebbles

Ivory Pure Aggregate Pebbles

Ivory Mix Aggregate Pebbles

Ice Aggregate Pebbles

Green Aggregate Pebbles

Green Mix Aggregate Pebbles

Black Flat Pebbles

White Flat Pebbles

Red Brown Flat Pebbles

Nobeshi Flat Pebbles

Ice Marble Flat Pebbles

Grey Marble Flat Pebbles