Stone Pavers

Here at Stone 101 we strive to source and supply the finest stone products from around the globe. Our carefully selected Stone Paver products come to you directly from the importer at competitive prices.

We have been delivering stone materials to the building market for over 25 years.

For all our stone paver products we offer experienced design and installation services and custom solutions to all your natural stone on any project, indoor or outdoor, residential, commercial or industrial.

Stone 101 Stone Pavers. The original and still the best available in the Australian Market.

Bluestone / Basalt / Volcanic Stone Paver

Reclaimed Bricks Black Gold

Reclaimed Bricks Alfresco

Reclaimed Bricks Capsico

Reclaimed Bricks Terracotta

Reclaimed Bricks Carbone

Reclaimed Bricks Blue Lane

Free Form Ledge Stone Favo

Free Form Ledge Stone Autumn Flame

Bluestone Pavers Cobbles

Bluestone Pavers Honed

Bluestone Pavers Aero

Bluestone Pavers Fossil

Bluestone Pavers Sawn

Bluestone Pavers Hammered

Bluestone Pavers Etched

Bluestone Pavers Ashlar

Bluestone Pavers Random

Bluestone Cladding Spring Rains

Limestone / Sandstone / Jerusalem Stone

Reclaimed Bricks Chiaro

Porcelain Pavers Quarzo Beige

Jerusalem Stone Pavers Melly Grey

Jerusalem Stone Pavers Pyramid Cream Antique

Jerusalem Stone Pavers Sinai Pearl Triesta Acid

Sandstone Pavers California Beech

Limestone Pavers White Etched

Limestone Pavers White Hammer

Limestone Pavers White Honed

Limestone Pavers Black Honed

3D Stone Basketweave White Limestone

3D Cladding Weave White Sahara

3D Weave White Limestone Parquetry

3D Cladding Bianco Blend Stack

3D Cladding White Rough Smooth mix

3D Cladding White Rough Tumbled

3D Cladding Cubes White Limestone

Granite Stone Pavers

Granite Paver Salt & Pepper White

Granite Salt & Pepper White Cobble

Granite Pavers Black

Jerusalem Stone Pavers Perlato Royal

Jerusalem Stone Pavers Pyramid Cream Antique

Jerusalem Stone Pavers Sinai Pearl Triesta Acid

Granite Paver Green Etched

Granite Paver Green Hammered

Granite Paver Golden Beach

Granite Pavers Sunset

Granite Pavers Grey

Granite Pavers Polished Finish

Granite Pavers Flamed Finish

Granite Pavers Bush Hammer

Granite Slab