Stone Tiles & Mosaics

Here at Stone 101 we strive to source and supply the finest stone tiles & mosaic products from around the globe. Our carefully selected products come directly from the manufacturer at competitive prices. We have been delivering stone materials to the building market for over 25 years .

For all our products we offer experienced design and installation services and custom solutions to a l l your natural stone on any project, indoor or outdoor, residential, commercial or industrial.

Natural Stone Tiles & Mosaics

Emperador / Travertine / Pebble Mini & Honed / Pebble Round / Pebble Coin / Random Mosaics / Natural Mosaics / Stick Mosaics / Basalt & Onyx / Cottage Slate & Quartzite

Sunset Coin

Dark Emperador Polished 15mm

Dark Emperador Polished 49mm

Dark Emperador Tumbled 15mm

Dark Emperador Tumbled 30mm

Dark Emperador Tumbled 49mm

Dark Light Emperador Tumbled

Light Emperador Tumbled 25mm

Travertine Tumbled 15mm

Travertine Tumbled Glass & Copper 23mm

Travertine Tumbled 75 x 150 Brick Interlock

Travertine Tumbled 30×60 Brick Interlock

Travertine Weave 100×100

Black Honed Pebble Slice

Green Honed Pebble Slice

Ivory Honed Pebble Slice

Tan Honed Pebble Slice

Black Mini Pebble

Green Mini Pebble

Ivory Mini Pebble

Black Pebble

Ivory Pebble

Green Pebble

Quail Egg Pebble

River Grey Pebble

Tan Pebble

Moon Grey Coin

Cocco Marble Coin

White Marble Coin

Black Marble Coin

Onyx Marble Coin

Black Basalt Random Mosaic

Moonriver Random Mosaic

Ice Quartz Random Mosaic

Red Marble Random Mosaic

Sunset Marble Random Mosaic

White Marble Random Mosaic

Grey Marble 3×3

Ice Quartz 3×3

Black Basalt 5×5

Grey Marble 5×5

Ice Quartz 5×5

White Marble 3×3

Red Marble 3×3

White Marble 5×5

Red Marble 5×5

Black Basalt Stick 1cm

Black Basalt Stick 1.7cm

Grey Marble Stick 1.7cm

Black Basalt 3×3

Grey Marble Stick 1cm

Crystal Marble Stick 1cm

Crystal Marble Stick 1.7cm

White Marble Stick 1.7cm

White Marble Stick 1cm

Red Marble Stick 1.7cm

Red Marble Stick 1m

Black Onyx Tumbled Coin

Ash Basalt & Glass

Ash Basalt Random Sticks

Black Onyx Polished Coin

Crystal Onyx Tumbled Coin

Ash Basalt 6-Set Sticks

Ash Basalt 7-Set Sticks

Ash Basalt Single Sticks

Ash Basalt 3-Set Sticks

Cottage Slate Ashlar small

Cottage Slate Ashlar Tumbled

Cottage Slate Ashlar large

Cottage Slate Herringbone

Cottage Slate Hexagon

Cottage Slate Mosaic 100

Cottage Slate Mosaic 15

Cottage Slate Mosaic 25

Cottage Slate Mosaic 50

Quartzite Random Sticks

Quartzite Brick Bond Interlock

Quartzite 3-Set Sticks

3D White Limestone Cubes